About Truxx Factor

What Truxx Factor is about

Truxx Factor has been created to host a new and exciting kind of Truck Festival weekend which stands apart from any other type of event. One that will appeal to families to attend to see the varied types of attractions on offer that weekend.

Its creator has over 30 years experience in operating and racing trucks which until recently has been channelled into helping British Truck Racing events grow & operate here in the UK. His efforts are now directed into creating & promoting new and fresh events in the truck world under the Truxx Factor brand going forward.

Silverstone Truck Festival was the premiere event of 2016 which saw 500 Showtrucks entered, a large trade & industry area supported by the manufacturers and attracted the largest number of visitors for many years at a truck racing event in the UK. This event was created and built to this high profile in only two years by the Truxx Factor team.

Static truck shows and truck racing events have existed now for many years with race trucks going to truck shows and show trucks attending truck race meetings but please do not confuse these existing events with the ethos that is Truxx Factor. For decades now championship truck racing has been out of the reach of many truck owners with the machines so expensive and complex only an elite few are able to take part in this type of motorsport!

We at Truxx Factor have built a series of events which are accessible to the ordinary truck owner or driver who can compete in a number of challenges with their truck at our festival weekends. Some BTRC Race truck teams are also invited to attend but whether it is drag racing or a timed pursuit sprint on a circuit the standard trucks can do the same track activity within their group. So for the first time there is an integration between Race Trucks and Standard Trucks out on the track not just parading, but actually competing.

Each event will feature a series of Truck challenges which will include a racing / timed distance to cover from a standing start. Our Go & Stop dash which will measure your ability to stop your truck safely in a 2ft box. Your manoeuvring in a tight space will be evaluated in our reversing test. These activities can be entered separately or collectively to obtain the crown of “ Truxx Factor Truck Driver of the Year “

Each event will include a Truck Show where drivers can enter their trucks for the weekend in return for 2 adult tickets with a small area for camping / gazebo etc. Fleet operators are encouraged to set up recruitment fairs to attract drivers. Unusual items will also be on show such as Steam Engines, Vintage Trucks & Tractors Etc. with anything that depicts our theme of “ Transport Through the Ages “

Each event will include a “ Live Arena” where demonstrations will take place both industry and Motorsport related so it could be a recovery demonstration one hour and a full blown Brisca F1 Stock Car demonstration the next.

Local primary school children from the area of the event are encouraged to submit truck artwork which is displayed at the event together with visitors truck artwork in the children’s section at each event which includes face painting, kids entertainment.

Live music with bar and food on Sat eve adds to the festival feel and as the light fades the Showtruck village become the light with an awesome display of lights from the trucks.

Together with our customers, sponsors and partners we are working towards promoting Truxx Factor into a series of leading trucking festival weekend events in the UK which are assessable at an affordable level to ordinary truck owners / operators who wish to compete in static or moving competitions. Keep on Trucking and get that truck ready for Truxx Factor drivers.

Steve Horne