Live Arena

Live Arena

At Truxx Factor in addition to the track activities a 2nd Live Arena operates daily with the following activities.

Truck Rides

There will be an opportunity for public to ride in a modern 44t truck if they are outside the industry. This year MK based company CMG Recovery will be providing the truck and driver for this.   Part of the fee Truxx Factor give to charity. Last year we were pleased to present to the Skylark childrens ward at Kettering general hospital toys to make those there at Christmas a little easier.

Truck Driving

Clive Shaw will be providing his American Truck Driving Experiences to Truxx Factor visitors constantly both days. Burt Reynolds aka " The Bandit " had his own Kenworth truck for a while which Clive now owns. This and another Peterbilt truck will be available to drive around the outside of the arena. 

Clive Shaw Trucking

Heavy Recovery Demonstration

All truck operators worst nightmare is when one of their vehicles is involved in an accident and is stranded somewhere, sometimes on its side. With the pressure to clear the obstruction it is the truck recovery operator that springs into action to come to the rescue. Some of the kit required these days costs hundreds of thousands of pounds to enable these 44 tonners to be lifted or righted. Who better to demonstrate this normally unseen part of our industry than the family firm this year which is celebrating 50 years of service than Lantern Recovery who are our partners for Rockingham. They are based at Potters Bar, Herts but offer nationwide recovery coverage and associated low loader transport services.

Truxx Factor Truck Pull

Those Truckers and Visitors feeling strong can participate in this challenge to move a 7t truck across the arena with true grit and determination.
The trucks will be supplied by our partners BSI Transport Ltd of Northampton for this activity who offer haulage services up to 44ton to all of the UK or Europe.

Brisca F1 Stock Cars

Always causing mayhem wherever they go are these V8 powered awesome machines that are ultra quick if they can find grip. Contact is mandatory if you want to barge your way to the front and staying the right way up is essential to these fellas track exploits. The best of the modern British Stockcar Drivers Association cars backed up with Brisca F1 Heritage Super Cars will be on display over the weekend, but hold your ears for an hour each day while they show you exactly what they can do whilst moving.

Strongman Demonstration

New to Truxx Factor for 2018 is this demo of sheer strength put on by Corby based gym & fitness centre Body Tek. The owner of which Nat Simon is a British Strongman Finalist and British Judo Champion. So be prepared for these incredibly tough Men & Woman to show you how they work out in training.