Family Entertainment

Family Entertainment

If you're looking for a unique fun day out for the family, bring them all to Truxx Factor for a weekend to remember.
We are pleased to announce the following main attractions will be here.

Mini Movie Trucks

Children get the chance to drive a miniature version of American trucks made famous in Hollywood films against the back drop of the famous Snowman truck as featured in Smokey & the Bandit.

The Ken Fox Troupe Wall of Death

The Fox family have been touring and entertaining since the 1920's. With their vintage Indian Scouts and 20ft high vertical wall it is a show that needs to be seen to be believed! It will be an experience that will stay with you forever!
A celebrity truck mechanic with big sideburns is often spotted helping these guys out over the weekend. Keep your eyes peeled incase he turns up!

Red Dragon Monster Truck

Billed as " The Ride of Your Life " Red Dragon certainly lives up to that statement!
Car crushing comes naturally to this Monster and if you take one of the 10 seats available on board you will feel the power through your body when Neil accelerates away.

Mini Monster Truck Mania

Children & Adults can enjoy a taste of what its like to pilot a miniature Monster Truck around a course. With 4 cars in the name and colour of their grown up full size cousins that can be seen in arena,s around the UK you are spoilt for choice with this attraction.

Truxx Factor Simulator Race Truck Challenge

Ever wondered what it would be like to pilot these monsters in a race with your mates. Well now you can with four terminals simultaneous racing these 1,200 hp FIA European Race Trucks on the Rockingham International Circuit in our Truxx Factor Challenge area. Once the lights go out your on your own till the chequered flag! Our partners for this activity are Grand Prix Race Centres based at Rockingham circuit  Motorsport Simulators | Grand Prix Race Centres

158 Regiment The Royal Logistics Corps

This army regiment supply provides equipment & support for operations and other tasks in the UK and across the world. Their Land Rover communication vehicles and MAN trucks can cross any terrain in a hurry. They will have a display at Truxx Factor showcasing there daily workload.

Hatwells Family Fun Fair

This famous family of showmen is now 5 generations old and still going strong delivering fun for everyone on their impressive rides.
Their fabulous Electric Dream Waltzer and the popular Bumper Cars will be at the centre of the adult rides at Truxx Factor with a great number of children's rides and inflatables on the field also.
"All aboard for another fast ride "

Celebrity Looks

Keep an eye out for some famous looking people around the event bringing a smile to visitors faces. Some say ...... We have a tank Full of Gas ..... Kerr Pow!
Need i say more, but keep it to yourselves right now in case they don't show.

Truxx Factor Kids

Inflatables, Bouncy Castles, Face Painting & Many more activities are being booked for Truxx Factor

Truxx Factor & Community

At Truxx Factor we encourage the community to embrace the event in their area and participate in it as much as possible.
One part of this is inviting primary schools to complete some Truck Art to be displayed at the event. Two age groups are tasked with creating a painting of a truck or constructing a model of a truck out out of recyclable material. Winners from each group are selected t the event.
Truckers and visitors kids are then encouraged to paint trucks at the event also which are displayed as the weekend progresses and a winner selected from these also.
Gyms are invited to take part and send any strongmen along to take part in the truck pull and other activities.
The Fire service are invited with their vehicles if they are available and if you have not already seen the Army logistics corp are attending.
Dance troupes and music talent also have a place at the event if they can be encouraged to support the event.

Trucks of all sizes

Trucks of all sizes are welcome at Truxx Factor with displays of model trucks and Remote Control Trucks by 3 Counties R/C Truckers.

The attention to detail and sounds that go with these fabulous trucks are incredible to see and hear. When the lights come on this world of miniature trucks comes into its own.